At Finnegan’s Whiskers we bring together a community of cat lovers. Many of us share a mutual love of cats, but unlike dog owners we don’t get to meet each other out on walks. When you visit us we encourage you to move around the space, please don’t feel you need to stay in your seat. Mingle with the cats and mingle with other people. By the time you leave you may have met a whole new group of people who love cats as much as you.

It goes without saying that Cat Compassion is at the heart of everything we do, and it’s the reason behind our existence. Every cat that steps through our doors will receive the highest level of compassion and care from each and every member of staff. This level of compassion will be upheld and expected from our customers too. If you are experiencing grief after losing your cat, we will always provide a compassionate listening ear.

As a small business, we understand the importance of supporting other local businesses, and will always strive to do so. All of our food and drink suppliers have been selected for quality and locality. We have partnerships in place with many other local businesses in order to run special events at the cafe, and work together to make our enterprises stronger.

At Finnegan’s Whiskers we want to shift your mood in a positive direction. No matter what mood you are in before you enter, we hope you will leave Finnegan’s Whiskers feeling happier and more relaxed. We all know cats are connoisseurs of comfort and relaxation, and we can learn a lot from simply spending time in their company.

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